Scars & Stretch Marks

Scars &
Stretch Marks

When the skin is injured, it attempts to repair itself.

This healing process occurs when the skin is cut (during surgery or accidents), burned, or damaged due to a disease or condition such as acne or chickenpox. As the skin heals and the wound closes, new collagen and repaired skin appear in the form of scars.

Improving and Alleviating

Scars are often a concern in aesthetic skincare. The healing process differs from person to person. It is possible to improve the appearance and reduce new scars and stretch marks, although older ones may be more challenging to treat.

Prevention and Procedures

Several factors influence tissue repair, including diet, diabetes, smoking, as well as deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

It is also important to protect scars from the sun with sunscreen.

After a proper evaluation, we can establish a customized treatment plan to help prevent their appearance and recommend specific procedures to improve their appearance.